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~ What people are saying about Susie and Otto ~

Weekly Q and A

Q: Is there a perfect soulmate somewhere for me?

A: We believe that all relationships in our lives are to teach us and to help us grow spiritually.  We also believe that soulmates (and there may be more than one) are in our lives to help us to learn our spiritual lessons.  A soulmate may be someone in your life who constantly gets "under your skin" or may be someone who you have a deep, intimate relationship with.  We believe that we are soulmates because there was an instant feeling of "coming home" when we got together and everyday we recognize how we help one another in our spiritual growth.  We belief that perfect mate that you refer to is certainly out there but you have to be ready and you have to be willing to be conscious in your relationship.  If you haven't attracted that "perfect" soulmate, try visualizing what you want. What would your life be like with this person?  How would you feel with this person?  What would you do together?  Also, we suggest that you look at yourself.  Are you the type of person who would attract your idea of a perfect soulmate?  If not, start today being that type of person to the people who are currently in your life.   
For an article on soulmates, Click here now

Quote of the Week:

"You learn to trust not only each other, but also your ability to grow together.  You learn that you put your partnership most at risk by avoiding that which you are most afraid will destroy it."  Gary Zukav


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