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The Unimaginable Life : Lessons Learned on the Path of Love                       
by Kenny and Julia Loggins

The real life love story of Kenny and Julia Loggins told in explicit detail. This book doesn’t hold anything back. It will make you reexamine your life and your relationships. We refer to it as “the bible” on relationships. At the beginning of our relationship, we would open the book at random pages and whatever we read would seem appropriate and address the relationship issue of the moment. We even used two of the poems from the book in our wedding.  

The Seat of the Soul  by Gary Zukav  

If Kenny and Julia wrote the bible on relationships, Gary Zukav gives us the roadmap for how to live on the earth in physical form. Written almost ten years ago, this small succinctly written book, gives us new insights each time we pick it up. Both of us studied this book as if it were the textbook life. What impacted us the most was Zukav’s description of a “Spiritual Partnership”. This concept so greatly impacted us that we live our lives and modeled our relationship after the ideas he teaches.

The Marriage Spirit : Finding the passion and joy of soul-centered love by Drs. Evelyn and Paul Moschetta  

This husband and wife team have been the featured counselors in the Ladies’ Home Journal Magazine column ”Can this marriage be saved?” The book is filled with great insights to make your marriage and relationships better. One particular insight that stands out is when they suggest that in order for your relationship to really work, it must have an urgency equal to that of your greatest desire. Great advice and a great book.  

Conscious Living : Finding Joy in the... by Gay Hendricks



The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram... by Sandra Maitri



The Enneagram: Understanding Helen Palmer


The Four Agreements : A Practical Guide... by Don Miguel Ruiz






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P.O. Box 14544
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