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Exercise: Attracting My Soul Mate Partner 
by Kelley Rosano

From the Chapter on Soul Mates: Passionate Friends of Old 

We are the masters of our destiny and co-creating with Spirit daily. You will need
a notebook for this exercise. Utilizing the journal format we will encourage ideas,
dreams, and feelings to flow more easily onto the page, and into our reality. Do
not be shy here! Over time we will personally evolve through this process and our
soul mate will too. The law of the universe implies, that whatever we focus our
attention on we become. Thus, we must become all that we desire our soul-mate
partner to be. By concentrating thirty minutes weekly on this soul-mate exercise
we will create clarity in what we authentically desire in a soul-mate relationship.
Through writing in our journals we will develop awareness and come into alignment with our soul's true desires. Merging with our soul mate can only occur after we have established a certain level of healthy relationship with our own soul. 

When we focus our attention on what we truly want and need from a lover. We
begin to eliminate the undesirable. This exercise will strengthen us, give us clarity, and hopefully eliminate the chaos and confusion around dating. Pay close
attention to the different types of potential lovers, and partners you have been
attracted to in the past. Compare these old relationship patterns and dynamics to what you are experiencing today. Note what your new level of awareness is
around relationships and what you are discovering about yourself newly? 

When we focus your CONSCIOUS intention on what we desire in the soul-mate
partner, the universe will respond to whatever we say, think, and believe. Be as
specific as possible. If we don't fill in all the blanks, the universe will, and we may
not like what we have attracted in. This is a wonderful process to come to know
our soul most intimately. 

What could be more exciting and fascinating than a personal relationship with our soul? The truth is, we all desire a partner who loves, understands, and supports us. Please remember that this is an exercise for attracting our soul mate, and not for obsessively focusing on it. The appointed time of soul-mates meeting is Spiritually directed from above, and not intended to be humanly orchestrated, manipulated, or controlled. My intention here, is to provide a tangible tool used by the individual to come into alignment with their own soul, in order to more effortlessly merge with their soul mate, and most importantly, be at peace with the divine will and divine timetable. 

Here are some suggestions to get started: 

1.My soul mate partner physically looks like. 

2.He or she has the following characteristics. 

3.He or she shares the same vision about the future as me. 

4.He or she places a high value on personal and soul growth. 

5.He or she is not afraid to move forward and be free from the past. 

6.He or she loves to hike, bike and workout. 

7.He or she doesn't smoke or eat red meat. 

8.He or she enjoys making love and has no sexual hang-ups. 

9.He or she is complete with the past and has little or no "emotional

10.We just flow together with little effort or conflict. 

11.He or she loves to travel. 

12.We are truly enjoying learning from each other. 

13.My soul mate loves to experience new places, people, and activities. 

14.My soul mate loves, honors and respects me. 

15.My soul mate never tries to compete with me he or she is too busy being
my champion. 

16.My soul mate deeply loves me and cherishes having me in his or her life. 

17.My soul mate has a healthy repsect for the opposite sex. 

18.My soul mate believes in monogamy. 

19.My soul mate possesses strong character, values and personal integrity. 

20.My soul mate honors my point of view even if it is different than his or hers.

Get the idea? Have fun with your soul mate analysis and creation. This journal
process places a mirror in front of us and we are able to see deeply inside. As we become more clear in what we truly desire our list will change. This change and growth will be recognizable. You will witness the changes in your choices of
friends, lovers and co-workers. 

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Kelley Rosano
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