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Can you attract a soul mate to you?

by Susie and Otto Collins

People typically think that there is one soul mate for each one of us and when we find that person, there will be no more conflicts and no major issues to work through.  That’s why people are so upset and disenchanted when they find that perfect someone who they think is a soul mate and then after a few months or even weeks, it turns out that there are things about them that drive them crazy, there are conflicts and the specialness of the relationship just seems to have disappeared.  They think--"I believed that this person was my soul mate but because we're having conflicts, he (or she) must not be."  They start looking with intensity for their one "perfect soul mate" and never quite find him or her.

We just don't agree with all of that.  We think that there can be many soul mates out there for different times in our lives and they come into our lives to help us with our personal and spiritual growth.  A soul mate agrees to walk with you for awhile to learn and also teach.  A soulmate relationship is a spiritual bond and they create whatever challenges they need to learn soul lessons.  We believe that soulmates can part when there’s no more growth and learning.  Your soulmate can trigger certain reactions in you that point the direction to what needs to be healed.  We also believe that we draw to us the perfect people we need in order to learn and grow spiritually and personally.

So can you attract the type of relationship that you want in your life?

Yes, we believe it is possible because we and many, many others have done it.

We believe that we are attracting our soulmates all of the time to us.  We believe that you can apply certain ideas to create a more conscious, connected and loving relationship, whether you consider the person you are with is your soul mate or not.  We also believe that you can attract a person to you who will be a conscious co-creator with you.  It might require you to let go of some old ways of thinking that have not served you and commit to changing.

Julia, who is 63 yr. old, called us the other day, frustrated that she had not been successful in attracted her "soul mate" to her.  She had been married to a man who was manic-depressant for many years and it was a very pain time in her life.  Her last relationship was with a man she knew professional and she had wanted it to go further than friendship but the man was afraid and couldn't commit to anything more.  She was upset that this man seemed to have everything she wanted in a partner but he was unavailable.  We told her to focus on what she wanted—what she liked about the last relationship with her friend and keep that feeling in the forefront of her heart and mind.  We also told her to stop all the negative chatter that tells her that she’ll never find anyone and she may even need to do a completion about the relationship that had just ended and even the one with her ex-husband.  We told her to focus on loving the people who were already in her life and work on becoming the kind of person who her ideal partner would be attracted to.

Sound impossible?  No, it isn't.  Here are 7 things you can do to attract your soul mate relationship to you. 

  1. Decide what you don’t want and learn from it.
  1. Decide what you do want
  1. Create your intentions for what you want and remove the blocks to having it
  1. Align yourself with what you want and be in gratitude for where you are—create affirmations that you can believe—“Am I moving closer to or further from what I want with my thoughts, beliefs and actions?  Get in a place within yourself where you really believe it can happen.  If you don’t, it won’t.  What can you be grateful about your current situation? Devise a strategy to get unstuck when you get discouraged and down on yourself.
  2. Use your emotions to guide you to your perfect partner and to get in touch with yourself. 
  3. Take you next logical step
  4. Trust and Let go

 These 7 strategies come from our course "7 Secrets to Attracting Your Perfect Partner" and if you want more information about the course, visit


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