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Soul Mates and Relationships Articles

"Finding a Soul Mate Love After a Breakup"

           By Susie and Otto Collins

Very often, when two people separate for any reason
and one or both of them feel like their hearts are broken,
they lose hope that they will ever find love again.

We're here to say that a deep soul mate connection and
love is possible, even if you've had a broken heart in the

If you haven't seen the movie "Cold Mountain" yet, we

recommend that you go see it and here's why...
Although parts of the movie are painful, violent and difficult
to watch, we think that it holds a wonderful lesson about
relationships that we'd like to share with you.
Woven within the film (and the book by Charles Frazier) is
a beautiful story of two people who discover that they have
a deep connection and are then separated for several years.
Although they are separated and tempted by various
people, situations and events, they remain true to their
desire for a deep connected relationship with the other
and aren't willing to settle for anything less.
Watching this movie reminded us of what our connection
felt like from the moment we got together and still feels
like today.
What we had was an instantly recognizable feeling of love
and connection that we continue to nurture on a moment
by moment and day-by-day basis to keep that connection
Are we special and among the fortunate few who can
have this deep connection with a partner?
We don't think so.  We think it is available to anyone
who has the desire and intention to create a deep,
loving relationship and are willing to do the things
necessary to keep it alive and healthy. Even though
you may have had to go through a painful breakup
or divorce in the past, it is possible to find love again.
In "Cold Mountain," once the two lead characters had a
taste of something truly special that they couldn't explain,
no matter how many times and how they were tempted,
they weren't willing to settle for an "average" or superficial
It's one of the few films we've ever seen where the main male
character, Inman, was only interested in a loving, connected
relationship and not superficial sex.  It certainly is a radical
departure to how most men are portrayed in films.
So what does all of this mean to you in your life and what
can you use to make your life and relationships better?
We think that it's a good reminder for you to take a look at
what kind of relationships you really want in your life and
what you are willing and not willing to settle for.  It's also
a good reminder that this can be available for each of us.
You may be in a committed, loving relationship that's good
but you want it to be even better.  Finding ways to spend
more time together or to communicate better are examples
of ways that you might focus on to become even closer.
You might be in a committed relationship where there is
love but you seem to be going in two different directions
and the connection just isn't there.  Ask yourself (and if
possible your partner) if you want a closer relationship.
If you do, look for what is blocking your connection
and agree on some ways that would bring the two of you
You may not be in a soul mate relationship right now but
want to be.  If so, ask yourself if a soul mate relationship
is really what you want at this time in your life.  If it is, then
ask yourself what are the blocks within you that are preventing
this from happening.  Simply by becoming aware of what's
blocking you from having what you want will start you on your
way to having it.
Whether it's in a relationship you are in now or one that
you want to be in -- as a friend of Otto's once told him --
Always go for the highest and go for the best.
If you go for the highest and go for the best, we think you'll
find that your relationships will be happier, more fulfilling and
bring you more joy than you ever thought possible.


Susie and Otto Collins
P.O. Box 14544
Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 568-8282

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