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"Understanding a Breakup with a Soul Mate"
by Susie and Otto Collins
(excerpted from "How to Heal Your Broken Heart: The Secrets to
Getting Over a Breakup or Divorce"

When you have broken up, how do you get over a relationship when you
have a strong feeling that that person is your soul mate?

When someone believes they are with their soul mate and their
relationship has broken up, one of the biggest challenges is that
they have bought into the mythology of soul mates. The mythology says
that there is only one soul mate or perfect partner out there for

If you are still hanging on to the idea that the person you are no
longer with was your soul mate and you are wondering how this break
up could be happening, we can't help but wonder if what's really
underneath is a fear that because you believe you were with your one
and only soul mate, you blew your chance at love and that kind of
love won't come around again for you.

Our views on soul mates are radically different from many people who
write or talk about the topic. We've thought and written about soul
mates a great deal and what we have determined is that there is more
than one soul mate out there for you. In fact, there can be many. We
believe that everyone who enters your life is a soul mate whose very
purpose in entering your life is to help you to heal, to learn and to
grow--to be a better person and to evolve personally and spiritually,
whatever that means to you.

Our belief, as well as the belief of many others, is that a soul mate
can come for a brief time or you can be with that person throughout
your lifetime until your death or their death.

Yes, that person may have been your soul mate at one time but if that
relationship has broken up or you've gone through a divorce, your
time together in that form is probably finished.

Here is Otto's story about a soul mate who came into his life for a
brief time:

"After my first marriage broke up, I found myself in a relationship
with a woman who I will call a soul mate. From the moment we met,
there was a strong connection and an incredible feeling between us.
It was almost as if we had been together before and there was
something about that feeling that I couldn't understand. Part of the
reason for my confusion was that I was having feelings of deep
connection with this woman that I just met that I never had in 15
years of marriage with my ex-wife.

"Even though I considered this woman to be a soul mate of mine, the
relationship didn't last long. As she and I talked about our
relationship a few months after the breakup, we both recognized that
her purpose in my life was to be a 'bridge' to the rest of my life.
Her role was to give me a vision of what was truly possible in
relationship that before then I had never experienced.

"Shortly after that relationship with her ended, Susie and I got
together and once again I had the same feelings of a soul mate
entering my life. This time, the feeling was even more intense that
we were more deeply connected on many levels.

"I appreciate that woman's love and what she did for me and I will be
eternally grateful. Without her, my life truly wouldn't be the same,
but had I chosen to hang onto a relationship with her, I would not
have the incredible relationship with Susie that I now enjoy."

Our advice is to appreciate the gifts this person brought to your
life. Recognize how your life was changed because this soul mate was
in your life. Also realize that you can attract another soul mate to
you who will be more in alignment with what you need to learn or what
you need to do at this time.

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